On the movie Alien, I had 2 main challenges.
The first one was to build the setup for the destruction of the ship.
It was a really interesting challenge because the fire was filmed in camera. I had to match my destruction of the ship to the element filmed on set.
There was also a big challenge with the scale and the material of the ship. A ship is supposed to be quite resistant and so bend when a pressure is applied but also fly and explode when the pressure is too big. 
This destruction was made in Kali, a software developed by MPC and based on DMM solver.
The second challenge was to make blood when the Alien is coming of the back of Ledward in the birth of the alien sequence.
This blood was a challenge because of the path it had to follow, the back of Ledward was constantly moving and the blood had to follow the curve of the back and the curve of the Alien. It was a full Houdini setup.
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