This movie was the first VFX movie I worked on. I was in charge of the setup of all of the destruction of the final sequence. It was challenging in many ways, but the main challenge was the scale of the destruction. The pillar at the end of the movie was supposed to be 4 times bigger then the empire state building ! I had to pull up a lot of tricks to bypass the software in order to make it look real and theatrical. 
I was also in charge of all the transformation of The Thing. the most noticible one was in the trailer when he is coming out of a big rock he was trapped in. The software I used was not built to deal with complicated animation like this. I had to find a way to bypass it in order to make it do-able. All of this destruction were made in Kali, a software developed by MPC and based on DMM solver.
Finally, I also got the chance to do some fire explosions coming out of the Torch, in the sequence where he is stuck on a table being studied like a lab rat by scientist. This fire explosion was made with Flowline.
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