The Star was my first Feature Animation movie. It was a full Houdini project and I got the chance to work on a lot of different effects: Fire, Particles, Smoke, Rigid Bodies, Fluids.
My first task was to develop the setup for all the fire torches of the movie. It was quite challenging, because the animation of the torch itself was going very fast. In order to make sure the fluid was following and looking good at all time I had to pull out a lot of tricks.
My second task was to work on the apparition of the angel. It was a mix between different particle simulations. The hardest part of this task was to conceptualize what the client was looking for.
My third task was to produce a wood destruction effect when one of the characters goes crazy and eats the wood of a pillar. It was a challenging effect because this character was jumping everywhere in a really small amount of time. I had to find a way to have a light simulation even though the character was jumping everywhere.
I also got the chance to work on a few other effects like dust impacts, paint coming out of a bucket and some bread falling.
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